12 Reasons Why We Love Sussex County – And You Would Too

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5 Sep

12 Reasons Why We Love Sussex County – And You Would Too

all inclusive communityDelaware may be the second smallest U.S. state behind Rhode Island — but it’s packed with great charm and culture. In particular, Sussex county is attracting a lot of new families and retirees alike. Why is our beautiful Sussex county so appealing? Check out these fun facts.

  1. The Nanticoke Indian Museum pays tribute to local native history, including hosting an annual powwow.
  2. There’s always something happening at Rehoboth Beach. Throughout the year it hosts the Chocolate Festival, an independent film festival, a jazz festival, and the Sea Witch Halloween Festival and Parade.
  3. Sussex County also hosted the World Championship Punkin Chunkin, for those who like messy fall fests.
  4. Softball fan? Sussex county hosts the Senior League Softball World Series in Roxana.
  5. We’re media fans. The county is home to over a dozen small and medium newspaper publications.
  6. We’ve got that Southern cooking. Sussex county mirrors much of the southern U.S. in serving sweet tea, comfort foods, and earthy greens as local fare.
  7. Sussex county is ranked number one in Delaware for overall health according to 2018 County Health Rankings from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. So healthy!
  8. The county contains 10,000 acres of diverse protected land along the western shore of Delaware bay called the Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge.
  9. Speaking of beautiful nature, the county also has the northernmost strand of famous Bald Cypress trees in the U.S. in the Great Cypress Swamp.
  10. The shore side of the county has mostly beach land, but inland the county has the most farmland of all Delaware. Fresh greens and grilling, anyone?
  11. Hope you like eggs and chickens. Sussex County farmland produces more poultry than any other county in the nation.
  12. Fenwick Island and its historic lighthouse are a sight to behold. It’s on the National Register of Historic Places, and the small museum inside and town around make for a delightful day trip.

As you can see, there’s a lot to love. Looking for refined living within Sussex County? Look no further than the all inclusive community experience at the Vines of Sandhill. What does an all inclusive community mean to us? Outdoor yoga spaces, community-made wine, walking trails, and a dedicated dog park are just a few examples. Come see why we love Sussex County so much and tour the new construction and elegant amenities at the Vines.

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