3 Home Design Trends You Won’t Want to Miss

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17 Feb

3 Home Design Trends You Won’t Want to Miss

Another year is another opportunity to change your space and add elegant amenities. This also gives you a solid reason to go indulge in some design eye candy. To give you a jump start on popular ideas for updated indoor scenery, here are three trends you can introduce to your space and have fun with.

Going Green

As the population begins to lean more towards sustainable living and lessening the carbon footprint, so does your interior. The key is to incorporate eco-friendly products and decorations. More practical uses of items you’re already using can make a difference to your bills and outlook. Things such as upgrading bulbs to LED or going to an antique store to upcycle functional pieces for your room fit right in with this movement. As trends come and go, this is one we hope lasts for many years to come.

Clean Space

Another hot ticket design is not an area usually thought of in the category of elegant amenities but a transformation can put it there. That coveted spot would be the laundry room. The trend here is focused on the sleek and organized. A few of our favorite suggestions are category cubbies, moving islands with canvas storage, and vintage sign labels.

Including Nature

Similar to going green, another trend people are diving into is bringing a touch of the outside in. A great way to get started is to imagine a place outdoors that you love. There are so many locations to bring you joy, such as the countryside, farm, vineyard, or even a beach. For example, according to the National Association of Realtors, just over a third of vacation homes are being purchased on the beach. If that speaks to you, use seashells, jars of sand, and tropical plants to accent your home.

If you’re just ready to start over and want a new space to try these trends in, check out the elegant amenities at The Vines of Sandhill. It would be easy to find design inspiration while taking advantage of the walking trails, stargazing lounge, or even a relaxing afternoon at one of the pools. Give us a call or come by for a walkthrough and envision the blank canvas as the design of your dreams.

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