3 Tips On Creating the Ideal Delaware Vacation Home

19 Nov

3 Tips On Creating the Ideal Delaware Vacation Home

There’s a reason why Delaware is on the rise as one of the top vacation spots in the Northeast. With some of the cleanest waters in the nation and a charming historic quality, Delaware makes it easy for northerners to get away from it all without having to drive too far. For that matter, the fact that Delaware has the space for vacationers to enjoy themselves without being too close to their neighbors has made it especially appealing within the pandemic. Therefore, it’s no wonder that many people are considering building their new custom homes for their getaways in Delaware.

But building a vacation home is about more than just location. You always want to make sure that your home has the ideal ambiance for getting away from it all, with all the features necessary to help you relax. This is why lots of Delaware vacationers work with custom home builders to create an entirely new house, rather than buying a preexisting home. Creating a new house for your specific purposes ensures that it has exactly what you want, and it can be a great investment as well. The question for some might be: what should I prioritize when building a new construction vacation home? Below, we’re giving you a few ideas to get you started!

1. A Yoga Studio

A yoga studio is a perfect addition to a new custom home, and with 90% of Americans have heard of yoga in this day and age, up from 70% in 2012, it’s gaining appeal more and more every minute. Even when you’re vacationing, you may not want to necessarily sit around and do nothing all day. Exercise is important, and yoga is perhaps the most relaxing way to get exercise, as it actually allows you to relax and meditate, mentally focusing on the positive and getting away from your stress.

A yoga studio within a home should have enough space for at least two people and doesn’t need to be overly complex. You may want to include a large mirror to help you perfect your yoga poses, or perhaps a big window so that you can look at the great outdoors. Bamboo flooring is popular for yoga studios, as it’s flexible yet durable, while also being able to absorb moisture well, which is important if you’re sweating it up in hot yoga!

2. A Wine Cellar

If you’re planning on creating the ideal new custom home and happen to enjoy collecting wine, a wine cellar could be the perfect addition. Collecting wine isn’t a cheap hobby, but it can be a rewarding one, and if you want to keep and age fine wine a wine cellar is a great asset. Wine cellars are usually fairly dark, though you’ll of course want to include lights so that you can hang out in the cellar when you wish.

They’re also dry and secure, ultimately creating the perfect space for wine to be aged. Creating the right space for wine allows you to organize your bottles, perhaps by type or for that matter by year. If you’d like to invest in wine, a wine cellar is the ideal means through which you collect; for that matter, it’s a relaxing place for you to hang out as well.

3. A Gourmet Kitchen

A new custom home can be whatever you want it to be. But for a lot of people, their dream home would ideally include a kitchen. There are so many benefits to having a gourmet kitchen in your custom house. You can enjoy your kitchen to its fullest extent that way, with big ovens and stoves that allow you to get more cooking done at once, and perhaps even a large island for you and visitors to congregate around. Think stainless steel appliances, a lot of cabinet space, and big windows that let in as much natural light as possible!

Everyone’s idea of the ideal vacation home is individual. But when building in Delaware, think about how you can maximize your space and enjoy some peace. Right now, we could all use a vacation; why not make your vacation home the best space possible?

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