4 Amazing Health and Social Benefits of Stargazing

15 Dec

4 Amazing Health and Social Benefits of Stargazing

Dark skies and stargazing sessions are quickly gaining popularity among the American population. The clear night skies are an excellent form of escapism, acting as a powerful mindful meditation tool. Delaware is no short of dark-sky areas, with stars ready to be explored by anyone wishing to jump aboard the astral train. You can enjoy stargazing at the Vines of Sandhill with our all-inclusive community’s stargazing lounge.

The stargazing lounge can be a wonderful way to spend time with your family. But did you know that looking upwards towards the clear night sky may offer health benefits to you, too? Here are four reasons why the Vines of Sandhill are happy to share a stargazing lounge with our community members.

1. Stargazing Reconnects You with Nature

As you drench in awe of the vastness of the star-filled sky, you get to feel the connection to nature. You get to learn that you are small in a good way, part of a larger infinite whole. With light pollution in the cities obstructing nature’s beautiful show, a stargazing lounge allows you to get a glimpse of the night skies. A Finnish study published in the Journal of Environmental Psychology says that spending 15 minutes in nature can help you feel refreshed, with lower cortisol levels. Our all-inclusive community in Southern Delaware allows you to find your way back to nature.

2. Stargazing Is a Perfect Stress Reliever

Interactions with nature are vital contributors to overall health and wellbeing. Sadly, most Americans can’t peep out of their windows and enjoy the beautiful night sky. Research shows that prolonged exposure to artificial light decreases sleep quality and indirectly contributes to mental health concerns such as anxiety and depression. Our stargazing lounge can become a dark-sky sanctuary that can help you escape the busy schedules of modern urban life.

3. Stargazing Can Spark Your Creative Mind

The world of dark skies never gets boring at any point. You can attribute this to the fact that there is always a new natural wonder to explore. It allows you to view things from a different perspective every time you step out to the stargazing lounge. Physiologists point out that the best ideas come forth when we’re at peace. Watching the clear night sky can quiet your thoughts, letting your creative spirit flow through you. Moving to a new custom home that allows you to enjoy everything astral may be the solution to your creative block.

4. Stargazing Can Become Family-Fun Time

Stargazing is a social hobby. You can make use of the stargazing lounge in your new community to connect with your family. Bring out your binoculars and throw blankets to stare at the clear night sky. Have some fun picking out the different stars and planets, guided by cool stargazing apps.

Try It Tonight

Stargazing is an exciting activity that can help you reduce stress and boost your creative juices. You can make it easy to stare at the stars by choosing an all-inclusive community with a stargazing lounge. Contact the Vines of Sandhill to be part of an exclusive new subdivision with elegant amenities today.

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