4 Attractions in Delaware You Don’t Want to Miss

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21 Mar

4 Attractions in Delaware You Don’t Want to Miss

Delaware is secretly one of the country’s coolest and most exciting states, with many fantastic attractions and unique destinations. If you’re interested in refined living within Sussex County but aren’t sure you’ll enjoy the state, you must check out the following unique spots in Delaware. You might have far more fun than you anticipated when you moved to the state.

1. Amazing Beaches

Delaware might be a small state, but it has more beaches than expected. According to NewsMax, Delaware has around 26 miles of coastline on the Atlantic Ocean. That means you should find plenty of beautiful places to have fun in the state. For example, you can visit beach towns, relax in a sunny environment, or even shop in these tourist-friendly areas.

2. Fantastic State Parks

If you love outdoor fun in state parks, Delaware has you covered. The most refined living within Sussex County is never too far from a state park, such as Trap Pond and Killen’s Pond State parks. You can also enjoy destinations like Delaware Discoveries Trail, a gorgeous and winding path that will take you through many outdoor areas. You’ll also get to see street artwork made by skilled artists.

3. Beautiful Gardens and Estates

Delaware has multiple estates, gardens, and mansions, providing plenty of fun for you and your family. For example, the Winterthur Mansion, Garden, and Library includes 175 unique rooms with many acres of gardens. You can also visit the Nemours Estate to see classic French architecture or even visit the Bombay Hook Wildlife Refuge to immerse yourself in the wild with various animals.

4. Extensive Shopping Destinations

After enjoying fun outdoor areas, you can always check out Delaware’s many shopping areas. For example, the Christiana Mall has resisted the mall decline in recent years to provide great tax-free shopping on name-brand clothing. You can also shop at the Tanger Outlets and other boutiques in the area to find great deals at prices you can’t get outside the state.

These unique options for fun in Delaware show that refined living within Sussex County is possible with little struggle. As a result, investing in a home or vacation spot in this area is wise, as Delaware is still the country’s best-kept secret. If you’re interested in buying a home in this state and need help finding one, contact our team at The Vines of Sandhill as soon as possible to learn more about your options.

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