4 Reasons Your Family Deserves a Delaware Beach Vacation Home

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13 Feb

4 Reasons Your Family Deserves a Delaware Beach Vacation Home

When you think about a beach vacation house, your mind may instantly conjure a happily retired couple walking arm in arm down the beach at dusk. In fact, over 42% of property owners choose to buy a vacation property as a family retreat or a relaxing place to take some time away with friends. If you’ve been thinking about life on the beach here are many of the benefits to providing your family with the joy of a new home in Southern Delaware:

High-Quality Living

The high quality of life is one of the best amenities in Southern Delaware. In 2018, The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation ranked Sussex County number one in all of Delaware for overall health. When you’re looking for an all-inclusive community that makes you feel good, both body and soul, a Delaware beach home is exactly what you need.

Access to Beautiful Beaches

Whether it’s always been your dream to build new construction on the beach or you’re looking for a new custom home with an oceanfront view, Southern Delaware is the place to be. Around 26 miles of Atlantic Coastline kiss Delaware shores, ensuring that beach homes in the area provide relaxed, refined living within Sussex County.

Plenty of Opportunities for Relaxation

High-quality living on the beach leads to many activities. You will feel like you’re experiencing the best amenities in Southern Delaware. Have you ever dreamed of being able to wake up with yoga on the beach? You’re not alone – many people do yoga for the enjoyment of yoga itself as well as yoga’s impact on health and its success as a stress reliever. New home builders know a little something about stress. To help you get through the build process, just imagine being able to walk down to the shore and practice yoga in the mornings and your cares will melt away!

A Great Place for a (Tax) Break

While there are many elegant amenities that come from living in a Sussex County community, Delaware’s greatest gem is its nonexistent sales tax. In addition, Delaware is a pretty tax-friendly state. They have fairly low-income tax rates between 2.2%-6.6%, one of the lowest U.S. real estate tax rates, and no vehicle taxes. Can’t you feel the stress start to melt away at the thought of building or buying a new Delaware vacation home?

With a variety of site plans and the best amenities in Southern Delaware, our all-inclusive community is the perfect place to build memories with your loved ones. The beach vacation of your dreams is within your reach. Contact our team today for more information!

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