5 Amazing Reasons to Move to Delaware

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15 Nov

5 Amazing Reasons to Move to Delaware

The time has finally come for you to make a big move. Perhaps you’ve been offered a new job or maybe you have the ability to live almost anywhere, but find yourself stumped as to where you actually want to move. Why not consider moving to Delaware? Although many people don’t know much about this state, there are actually a lot of benefits to looking at new homes there. Let’s explore some of them below!

1. It’s Affordable

Let’s get one of the biggest benefits out of the way: Delaware is generally considered a “tax friendly” state. Why? For one thing, Delaware does not have sales tax. Additionally, its income tax is relatively low, between 2.2% and 6.6%. It also has no vehicle tax, and some of the lowest real estate tax rates in the country.

Additionally, while housing costs can vary across the United States, Delaware generally offers affordable housing for families. On average, a single-family home in Delaware will be below $210,000, even if it’s among many of the state’s new homes. Rental prices are also affordable, with renters in Wilmington, for example, expecting to pay around $1,000 per month.

2. Great for Students and Retirees

Are you a student or do you have children? Delaware has great educational resources for students of all ages. There are high-quality public and private schools in the state, and also excellent universities.

If you’re on the older side, Delaware could still be for you! One reason why retirees and parents love Delaware is its medical infrastructure. There are several excellent healthcare facilities, especially in Wilmington and Dover.

3. The location

Many people don’t realize exactly how great the beaches in Delaware are, or even that the state is known for its beaches in the first place. The beaches in Delaware are also well-maintained, with high cleanliness standards and great water quality.

Furthermore, Delaware is close to major East Coast hubs, like Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Baltimore, and even New York City! It’s perfectly located to you can easily reach all the great spots.

4. Cultural Experiences

Delaware is one of the more well-established states in the country, with many historic cities and accompanying tours. Horseback rides are available throughout Delaware state parks, and there are amazing art galleries and museums to visit in the state.

5. Buying Incentives

First-time homebuyers in Delaware are given incentives to invest in property. They may be entitled to a federal income tax credit of up to $2,000, increasing the state’s already sizable appeal.

Delaware is a great state to visit, let alone to live in. It’s accessible, affordable, and offers great incentives to potential newcomers. You do not want to miss out on living here!

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