Amenities That Any Retiree Should Require From Their Community

1 Nov

Amenities That Any Retiree Should Require From Their Community

American retirees have so many important choices to make: Where will I live? What will I do with my time? How will I take care of my health? No wonder so many retirees opt for an all-inclusive community. They often offer a bevy of amenities to cater to the wants and needs of diverse community members. But what are the best amenities that EVERY retiree should consider essential for their home in their golden years?

New Construction

When you’re retiring, you don’t want to deal with issues that come with old construction. Leaks, mold, noisy construction teams doing repairs… You want turn-key spaces that will last as long as you will. Make sure your new community has been put up by trusty new home builders at least in the past 10 years. This greatly increases the likelihood that your life won’t be interrupted or displaced by unwanted home improvement projects.

Fitness Facilities

The average age of retirement is around 63. That’s young, folks! The average 63-year-old retiree has a lot of life to live and a lot of time to explore options for taking care of themselves. Have you thought about what fitness options you can explore to keep your body strong and ready to enjoy retirement? The most convenient choice is to expect an all-inclusive community to include well-kept fitness facilities in their amenities. Consider what exercise you currently enjoy, or have enjoyed in the past. Enjoy swimming because it’s great for joints and cardio, and barely feels like exercise? Look for a clean, safe swimming pool in your community’s amenities.

Well-Kept and Accessible Outdoor Spaces

Nothing helps keep your mind sharp and your spirit at peace like a breath of fresh outdoor air. Even if you’re a city person at heart, having a nicely maintained outdoor space nearby (a park, courtyard, walking trails, pond, etc.) will be wonderful for your mental and physical health.

Interest-Piquing Experiences

No retiree’s life is complete with stimulating experiences. Who says a senior can’t keep learning? Ask a prospective community what kind of experiences like classes and events they host. If nothing is hosted by the community itself, ask about nearby places you can explore like arts centers, historic villages, or adult education centers. You should always have access to new knowledge to keep a fresh perspective and avoid retirement boredom.

Ready to advocate for your long-term health and enjoyment? Always expect these four features from communities you might join.


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