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17 Dec

Reasons to Reside in Delaware

Delaware is nicknamed “The First State” because it was the first state of the original 13 states to accept the constitution. It is also the second smallest state with only three counties. It has incredible beaches, great beach towns, and natural beauty. The following are reasons to reside in Delaware. 1. No Sales Tax Delaware […]
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15 Nov

5 Amazing Reasons to Move to Delaware

The time has finally come for you to make a big move. Perhaps you’ve been offered a new job or maybe you have the ability to live almost anywhere, but find yourself stumped as to where you actually want to move. Why not consider moving to Delaware? Although many people don’t know much about this […]
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5 Oct

New Custom Home Building Tips

So you’ve spent weeks or even months looking at the real estate market in your area, and you’ve been unable to find the perfect house. At the same time, you’ve probably taken notice of attractive lots which would be perfect for building the ideal home. If you’ve never built a house before, you may be […]
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