Building a Home Vs. Buying Existing Property: Why New Construction Wins Out

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20 May

Building a Home Vs. Buying Existing Property: Why New Construction Wins Out

Whether you’re looking to move house during retirement or you’re among the 42% of vacation home buyers who want access to a property for family retreats, chances are that your choice may come down to new construction or existing builds.

Although buying an existing property might seem like the more convenient choice at first, you shouldn’t forget that older builds can come with their fair share of complications. What’s more, new homes bring about benefits you simply won’t experience when you buy an existing house. Let’s take a closer look at why working with a custom home builder may be the best choice.

Put Your Unique Stamp On Your Home

One of the biggest advantages of new construction is that you’ll typically have the opportunity to customize the property to fit your needs. If there’s a specific floorplan or layout that will work best for your family, you can work with local home builders to bring your vision to life. Conversely, when you’re restricted to buying an existing home, you may be stuck with its current footprint (or you might be forced to take on an expensive renovation later on).

Aside from having a say in the floor plan of the house, you’ll also have the freedom to pick a style you love and choose everything from cabinetry and countertops to wall colors and smart home features. Being involved in the design process from the start can allow you to get more out of your property and ensure the home really feels like you. With an existing build, you might have to make do with the preferences of a previous owner.

Avoid Hidden Problems and Frequent Repairs

New homes tend to be equipped with the latest materials and equipment. For example, you’ll benefit from a new roof and HVAC system, which can potentially last for decades without the need for major repairs or replacement. Not only can that save you money, but it can also reduce frustrations and stress. You’ll have peace of mind in knowing that your home’s features are brand new and will stand the test of time.

With an existing build, on the other hand, you may not have that same experience. Although some sellers will make repairs or replacements prior to listing, there’s no guarantee that the work will be done well or that another aspect of the home won’t need to be replaced in a year’s time. Home inspections can give buyers a heads-up, but you never know what you’ll find if a more extensive renovation needs to take place down the line. Whether you’re a retiree or you’re looking to buy a vacation home for your family to use, you won’t want to deal with hidden problems or frequent repairs. Opting for new construction can alleviate this possibility.

Gain Access to Amenities and Sense of Community

New homes can provide you with the opportunity to customize key features and avoid common pitfalls. But they can also offer you access to in-demand amenities and a welcoming atmosphere.

When you look at existing properties, you may not really get to know your neighbors. If you’re looking for that neighborhood support system, it may be more difficult to come by with an existing build. New homes may provide you with a greater opportunity for connection, especially because these communities may offer the best amenities like dog parks, walking trails, yoga classes, and more. New homes in all-inclusive communities can offer more than just property to call your own. That sense of community they provide is a priceless commodity.

Ultimately, new construction can allow you to personalize your property, avoid expensive problems, and connect with others in your area. To learn more about living in The Vines of Sandhill, please contact us today.

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