Find Your Next Vacation Home in Delaware

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2 Oct

Find Your Next Vacation Home in Delaware

Most people looking to buy a vacation home want a place where they can relax and have a little fun. Even more want a place near the beach. In fact, 36% of all vacation homes were purchased in a beach area in 2017.


One up and coming area where people are now purchasing vacation homes is in Delaware, which boasts 26 miles of Atlantic Ocean coastline. Delaware waterways are ranked second in the nation for water quality, and Sussex County, Delaware, in particular, is ranked first in overall health, according to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s 2018 County Health Rankings. So, if you’re looking to have a healthy vacation home, as well as one with plenty of sun, swimming, and sand, Delaware could be the place to look.


Home builders have caught on to the healthy living trend in Sussex County, and many are focusing on creating all inclusive communities for vacation home-seekers with health in mind. These properties now have some of the best amenities around. Besides offering the standard swimming pool and beach access property, Sussex County home builders are throwing things like wine making, yoga classes, star gazing, and wooded walking trails into the mix.


These elegant amenities are all meant to help people do more than just relax—they’re meant to help keep them healthy and to help them learn new things. Study after study shows that vacations help lower stress, decrease the chance of heart disease, and give people a more positive outlook on life. And what you do while on vacation can impact that, as well.


One not-so-new trend for vacation goers includes exercise, especially yoga and meditation. People do yoga to improve their health, relieve stress, and for the enjoyment of yoga itself. New home builders in Delaware are trying to facilitate this by making an all inclusive community that offers classes and spaces for yoga and meditation. People spent $5.8 billion on yoga classes in 2016 alone, so classes included in your vacation home purchase is a nice perk.


And many yoga practitioners don’t do yoga for their own health—50% live green, eat sustainably, and volunteer in their communities to improve the health of the planet and those around them. In Delaware, home builders are paying attention to this. More and more of them are using green materials, building meditation centers and gardens, and offering yoga classes on the beach or in the woods in their communities.


So, if you’re on the hunt for healthy living AND a place to vacation, you may want to check out Delaware.

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