How Building a Home By the Water Can Improve Your Health

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6 Jul

How Building a Home By the Water Can Improve Your Health

Waking up every morning near water is ideal for many people. But for others, simply just seeing the ocean isn’t enough of a reason for them to move. But did you know that living by water can actually be beneficial for your health?

A major health benefit of living near the water is the constant exposure to the fresh air. The sea air is full of negative ions, which can help your body absorb oxygen. It can also help improve alertness and combat free radicals. The sea water can also help balance your body’s serotonin levels, which is the chemical that impacts your mood and stress. Think about when you visit the beach for a vacation. Do you notice that you feel more relaxed? There’s a reason for that.

Boosts Your Immune Fucntion

Not only does living by the water boost your mood but it will also significantly increase your immune system. Since you won’t be as stressed and your mood won’t be down when you live by the water, your immune system will also be healthy and vibrant. The sunshine will act as your daily dose of vitamins and your relaxed body will prevent you from getting sick.

“Blue Mind” Effect

Research has proven that our mind and body have a relationship with the water, both personal and emotional. This finding is also referred to as the “Blue Mind” effect. It’s the state where our soul feels more relaxed while near a body of water. When you visit the beach, notice how you feel in a meditative state of mind. You’ll instantly forget everything that caused you to stress and solely focus on the water.

Delaware waterways ranked number two in the nation for water quality. Living near the water can be extremely beneficial. Not only is it beautiful to look at every day, but there are a number of health benefits. These benefits include strengthening your immune system, making you happy, and removing stress from your life. If this sounds appealing to you and you live in Delaware, speak with new home builders. Not only will the home builders hook you up with with the best amenities in Southern Delaware, but they’ll also create a stress-free living environment that you can enjoy for years to come.

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