Moving? Don’t Forget to Look for Amenities for Your Dog

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14 Jun

Moving? Don’t Forget to Look for Amenities for Your Dog

When your family moves and has a dog, you should look for a community with amenities for your pet. The Vines of Sandhill is a unique community that has a dog park, walking trails, pool, gardens, fitness center, and winemaking. They have parks nearby where you can walk or exercise your dogs. They build custom homes for families and their pets.

The Benefits of a Dog Park

The Dog Park Sato’s Sanctuary at The Vines of Sandhill is a unique dog park. It has a large fenced-in area with special features to exercise your dog. It has water features, an obstacle course, and an area for sitting. Residents are given key FOB access and it has a grooming station that residents can access daily. They can bathe and dry their pets with the proper tools every day if they choose.

A dog park allows you to get exercise for your dog and fresh air all year round. You can take them off the leash and let your pet run and exercise. There will be other dogs and your dog can learn to play and socialize with others. This park has a special area to sit with your pet or you can watch them play. You might learn that your dog prefers playing with other dogs than with you. Other pet owners might share some tips with you on how to train your dog. In addition, there is one mile of walking trails where you can walk your dog on a leash in the community.

Parks and Dog-Friendly Restaurants Nearby

In Milton, there are parks and dog-friendly restaurants too. The Edward H. McCabe Nature Preserve has hiking and nature trails where you can walk your dog on a leash. They require you to bring bags and clean up any waste your dog leaves on the trail. Staying on their trails reduces the chance of ticks. There is roadside parking to access trails and some visitors come by canoe. There are 143 acres in this nature preserve.

Prime Hook National Refugee Center allows dogs on leashes. Owners must bring bags and clean any waste your dog makes. It has six miles of walking trails to exercise your pet. There are also beautiful beaches. In 2017, one-third of people who bought vacation homes chose to live near a beach. You could make the beach your permanent residence. The Irish Eyes in Milton allows dogs on the deck and has a large menu to choose from. They often give dogs water and treats. The Dough Bar allows dogs on the patio and they serve pizza, pasta, and sandwiches.

Check Out Our Pet-Friendly Community

Stop by or make an appointment at The Vines of Sandhill to learn about our custom-built homes and pet-friendly communities. Call 1-866-58VINES or fill out our online request form. You will be able to tour our dog park and all the other special amenities we offer.

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