Reasons to Reside in Delaware

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17 Dec

Reasons to Reside in Delaware

Delaware is nicknamed “The First State” because it was the first state of the original 13 states to accept the constitution. It is also the second smallest state with only three counties. It has incredible beaches, great beach towns, and natural beauty. The following are reasons to reside in Delaware.

1. No Sales Tax

Delaware is one of the five states in the United States with a zero sales tax policy. This allows you to pay less money for purchases. You can shop around Delaware’s big cities and small towns without worrying about high prices.

2. Educational Opportunities

Delaware provides some of the best educational opportunities in the United States and is ranked 13th in offering the best quality of education. The state has some of the best private and public learning institutions, from preschool through university. The best colleges in Delaware include the University of Delaware, Wesley College, and Wilmington University.

3. Favorable Weather

Delaware boasts favorable weather conditions throughout the year. Summers are usually warm and beautiful. If you’re planning to move to Delaware during the summer, ensure your home builders finish your house early to help you plan accordingly because the state can get crowded with tourists. Fall and spring are often comfortable. Snow can occur during winter, but temperatures and snowfall amounts are not often harsh.

4. Plenty of Beaches

Delaware has about 26 miles of the Atlantic Ocean coastline, making it home to many beautiful beaches. The beaches are ideal for individuals and families. Some of Delaware’s beach destinations like Bethany Beach, Rehoboth Beach, and Dewey Beach have five-star ratings and provide fantastic shopping and dining setting.

5. Outdoor Recreation

Delaware’s weather, beaches, and outdoor atmosphere make it ideal for many outdoor activities. The state has some of the best parks in the country, including Cape Henlopen State Park, Alapocas Run State Park, and Brandywine Creek State Park. Individuals and families can engage in hiking, fishing, and beach volleyball. The beaches and warm climate make it suitable for picnics and cycling.

6. Great for Family

Delaware is a great place to have a family. No sales tax, educational opportunities, favorable weather, and plenty of outdoor activity options make it ideal to raise children in. Hire a home builder to construct the dream home of your family and children in Delaware.

These are some of the benefits of living in Delaware. Look around if you want to rent a home. If you want to construct one, contact professional home builders in the state.

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