Refined Living in Sussex County Delaware Never Looked So Good

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23 Feb

Refined Living in Sussex County Delaware Never Looked So Good

Choosing a place to live can be challenging, especially when there are so many variables and amenities to consider. With new construction happening in various areas, it can be hard to know where to look. Sussex County, located in Delaware, might be just the place for you! Keep reading to learn about why refined living in Sussex County, Delaware, never looked so good.

1. Health

One of the often underlooked benefits of taking advantage of the new construction in Sussex County, Delaware, may be health. Not only does an all-inclusive community provide things like walking paths and a yoga studio, but the numbers back up this benefit too. According to the 2018 County Health Rankings by The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Sussex County is number one in Delaware for overall health! Activities such as hiking along walking trails, practicing Pilates, and swimming are common and impact the health benefits of living in Sussex County, Delaware.

2. Costs

In addition to the healthiness of the area, Delaware is also known for having lower costs of living. Not only is there no sales tax here, but the income tax rates are generally lower as well, around 2.2%- 6.6%. There are also no vehicle taxes at all and extremely low real estate taxes. Lower costs of living plus some of the best amenities in Southern Delaware make Sussex County the perfect place to live. No wonder there is so much new construction happening here!

3. Community

Another great benefit of Sussex County, Delaware, is the sense of community. Elements of all-inclusive communities such as stargazing lounges and dog parks allow neighbors to get to know one another and form a community. Aside from the suburban new construction, the town of Sussex County itself has a lot to offer. From winemaking to exercising to entertainment, Delaware is not short on activities and bonding experiences for everyone to enjoy.

With the health benefits, lower costs, and sense of community, it is no surprise that Sussex County, Delaware, is undergoing a lot of growth. The rapid development of new construction is allowing more and more people to experience the wonders of Sussex County for themselves. If you are thinking about moving somewhere new, consider coming to Delaware!

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