The Best Amenities to Look for at Your Next Inclusive Living Community

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10 Mar

The Best Amenities to Look for at Your Next Inclusive Living Community

Starting the search for a new home means scouring the internet for units that meet all your basic needs. Basics as in a full bathroom, a kitchen setup, and room to sleep in. However, you want to search for more than just bare necessities. You should also consider the fantastic amenities that some living communities have to offer. What are amenities? You can consider anything beyond the essentials of a functional apartment unit to be an amenity. There are many types of amenities to make your experience more enjoyable, but which are the best amenities to look for when deciding on a new place to live? Let’s look at a few popular options.


One of the most popular and traditional amenities that apartments and communities offer is a pool. Pools are a great way to get exercise, socialize with your neighbors, get some fresh air, and spend time with your family. However, don’t just settle for any pool. You will want to look for a pool that is big enough size for many to enjoy with enough space. Pools that have separate areas for children are also a plus. You will also want to ensure that the pool amenity stays clean so that you can enjoy it whenever you would like to.

Dog Parks

The next best amenity to look for is one that is quickly rising in popularity. Did you know that more than half of the US population owns at least one dog? Pet ownership has increased drastically in the last couple of years. Dogs of all breeds need some type of exercise and fresh air. Dog parks are a great option for those without traditional yards to still be able to provide a good time for their furry friend. Dog parks are a great way to encourage socializing, for both you and your dog. Another great amenity to look for is a dog washing or grooming station included.

Fitness Center

A fitness center amenity option is great for residents of all ages. When you are doing your search for your new home, look for a fitness center that is spacious and has upgraded equipment. You want to be able to do all types of fitness-related things, including cardio, weight lifting, and yoga.

Some more of the best amenities to look for in an all-inclusive community are winemaking, walking trails, and stargazing. These are the ultimate means of relaxation. Although amenities are considered nonessential, there’s no denying that they make your life easier and your time spent in your community more enjoyable. The Vines of Sandhill was built to redefine what an all-inclusive community should be. Our community’s essential and elegant amenities are ones that you can’t find anywhere else in Sussex County, Delaware. Contact us today to discuss what more we have to offer.

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