Top Home Design Trends of 2023

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21 Apr

Top Home Design Trends of 2023

More people than ever are choosing a new custom home as their home-buying choice. A new custom home delivers a property built to your specific lifestyle. Many homebuyers believe that a new custom home is the best option for getting everything you want in a home. Here are some design trends for 2023 in a new custom home.

Minimalist Aesthetic

Have you ever walked into a home that is just crisp, clean, and feels completely uncluttered? This year that aesthetic is on point. The minimalist look is all the rage for 2023. Did you ever wonder where all the stuff goes to deliver this look? The less is more look is achieved by design elements that tuck away your goods out of sight yet keep them handy. Cabinetry, organizational tools, and more are part of the home design process that keeps everything organized and helps to achieve that minimalist look.

Multifunctional Spaces

People want to get more out of their space in their new custom homes. Designers create spaces that have more than one purpose. For example, dining/kitchen/living areas are achieved with open floor plans that make the most of the space. Multifunctional spaces are on trend for 2023 because they pack a lot of punch regarding function and style potential. Homes for 2023 are designed with a lot of flexible space that can be used for whatever suits the homeowner. Think fewer rules and more customizations.

Stone and Natural Materials

Incorporating stone and other natural materials into custom builds is a big trend for 2023 that will likely continue to be a big trend in the upcoming years. More home buyers want natural materials in their custom homes because they are easier to maintain, more durable, and deliver a great aesthetic.

Whether your ideal home is located at the beach, in the mountains, in the suburbs, or in an urban area, a new custom home can fit the bill perfectly. Whether this is your first home or you are a vacation buyer, the perfect home is waiting for you. According to REO, about 36% of vacation buyers choose to buy a property at the beach.

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