Vacation Living: Top 5 Reasons to Vacation on the Beaches in Delaware

refined living within sussex county
6 Jun

Vacation Living: Top 5 Reasons to Vacation on the Beaches in Delaware

Did you know that the Delaware waterways are ranked at number two in the United States for having the best water quality? As a matter of fact, the residents that take advantage of the refined living within Sussex County, Delaware seem to be some of the healthiest in the nation as well. Have you ever wondered why that’s so? Are you looking for the perfect all-inclusive community to purchase a home in, so that you can laze away on the beaches? Well, you’ve come to the right spot to find out why Delaware is the place to make that dream come true. Read on below for a few of the top reasons your next home should be in Sussex County, Delaware.

For an Active Lifestyle

If you find yourself becoming bored with the style of refined living within Sussex County, then you’re not looking in the right places. The beaches are always booming with things for everyone from young families to retired couples to get into. From surfing to kayaking and from walking the boardwalk to yoga for everyone, there is always something to do on the beaches in Delaware. If you’re tired of lying in the sun or swimming in the gorgeous oceans, then take in some of the local parks or take off down some of the hiking trails for a little peace and quiet amid the activity going on.

Has Small Town Charm to Offer

If you aren’t one to deal with the hustle and bustle of the city life, then you should contact the new home builders in Delaware to start on your new home today. Some of the beaches in Delaware have actually been dubbed “The Quiet Resorts,” for the laid-back style and the quiet atmosphere. Small town charms abound in this state.

Dining is a Delight

There are times when you’ve had enough of the beach and just want to sit down to a nice meal with the family. Some of the best Southern Delaware amenities include their award-winning chefs and succulent seafood that’s available in the restaurants. However, if you don’t want to go out to eat, it’s possible to BBQ in your own back yard, and bask in the sunsets that the beaches and Sussex County are famous for.

Tax Free at its Best

One of the biggest benefits to moving to the beaches of Delaware in a vacation home or to live their full-time is the fact that Delaware has absolutely zero sales tax. Whether you’re spending a day of shopping at the local merchants or the major retail outlets, you can do so secure in the knowledge that you will be paying no sales tax when you get to the register. Now, that’s a reason to take a break from the beach to do a bit of shopping don’t you think?

Takes You Back in Time

You might not feel that history and going to the beach go well together. After, all who wants a history lesson when they are lazing on the beach of an afternoon? However, in Southern Delaware, there are 26 museums that you aren’t going to want to miss. Think about it, you can live close to the beaches and teach the kids a thing or two at the same time.


These are just a few of the benefits of moving to Delaware and taking advantage of the old-fashioned style of refined living within Sussex County. From retired couples to families who are just starting out, living in Delaware, whether full-time or in the summer, is the place to be.

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