What Are the Benefits of Moving Near Hiking Trails?

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13 Jul

What Are the Benefits of Moving Near Hiking Trails?

Sussex County was rated by the Robert Wood Foundation’s 2018 County Health Ranking as the number one county for health in all of Delaware. This is for a couple of reasons, but most notably, because of its proximity to beautiful parks, trails, and other green spaces.

The Benefits of Living Near Hiking Trails and Green Spaces

Living in an area that has easy access to hiking and green spaces can have many benefits. If you are a new home builder looking for where you should set up shop, here is what you need to know about areas like this.

1. Cleaner Air

Firstly, living near green spaces and hiking trails ensures that the air around you is cleaner than if you lived in a major metropolitan area. This not only means that the air around your home is cleaner, but that you can go out and enjoy the fresh air any time that you want.

2. Easier Physical Fitness

Living in close proximity to hiking trails and green spaces gives you the perfect excuse to get out of the house and get moving. With so much incredible nature right next door, you’ll actually want to go get out and experience it, instead of it feeling like a boring chore, which can happen with more forms of exercise.

This can be especially useful for retired homeowners who may not want to hit the gym, but still want a fun activity to help stay in shape. It’s also a lot more scenic than any gym you can find!

3. Better Mental Health

Being so close to hiking trails and nature can also help improve your mental health and eliminate stress. Spending time outdoors has regularly been linked to improved mood and mental wellbeing. So it stands to reason that living with such easy access to nature can benefit you immensely.

Even if hiking isn’t for you, spending time in a local park or green space can have a similar effect and help improve your overall happiness.

A Place Where You Can Truly Settle Down

Along with these benefits, living in an area surrounded by hiking trails and green spaces can be incredibly peaceful. It can offer a lot of benefits when compared to the loud and fast buzz of the city or metropolitan suburbs.

If you’re a new home builder considering where you should settle down, consider how an area like this can benefit you.

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