What Housing Amenities Can Boost a Healthy Lifestyle?

refined living within sussex county
20 Aug

What Housing Amenities Can Boost a Healthy Lifestyle?

The Vines of Sandhill, located near the beach in Milton DE, is designed for families seeking vacation homes or a place to relocate. It offers its residents many special amenities: walking trails, swimming pools, a fitness center, a dog park, winemaking, a lodge, landscaping, and yoga with a meditation garden. They are custom building homes for residents on lots to create an exclusive community to provide refined living within Sussex county. Here are some of the amenities they offer that boost a healthy lifestyle.

Outdoor Pool And Fitness Center

Their community has a large outdoor pool for the warmer weather. It has an area for younger children and a therapeutic spa. There are picnic tables for outdoor entertaining and dining nearby. In the lower level of The Lodge, you will find the fitness center with weight training and cardio equipment. It has a yoga and pilates studio for residents too.

Yoga and Meditation Garden

Yoga is practiced to discipline the body and mind in about 9.5% of US adults. The community’s landscaper, Sposato Landscaping, maintains the gardens for yoga and other types of exercise practices. This garden can be used by groups for about three months of the year due to the mild weather. It is used for meditation too.

The Lodge

The Lodge is a center for entertainment for community members. It has dining and entertainment facilities, a gaming room, and a special wine room for wine lovers to make and enjoy wine. This area is for wine tasting, making wine, and storage. Once a year, they make a special wine and all families get one bottle.

Dog Park and Stargazing Lounge

The dog park is a fenced area with special water features and a covered sitting area. They treat your pet as part of the family. It has a grooming station where you can bathe and dry your pet daily. Access to the park is by key fob. Our stargazing lounge is a place to watch the stars with family and friends on clear evenings.

The Vines of Sandhill will provide refined living within Sussex County. We will build you a custom home on a lot and maintain the property or landscaping. This exclusive community offers many different home designs and styles to choose from. We have many special activities that make this a special community. Why not make an appointment to learn more by filling out the online form or calling? We want to provide you with refined living within Sussex County.

The Vines of Sandhill