Why Are So Many People Moving into New Homes in Delaware?

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14 Jun

Why Are So Many People Moving into New Homes in Delaware?

Delaware is often times overlooked for housing development. But it is a good location for anyone looking to make a prolific investment in new homes. Sussex County in Delaware was ranked first in overall health according to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s 2018 County Health Rankings. One of the benefits Delaware boasts of is its tax-friendly rates. Here are some reasons why people are moving into new homes in Delaware.


The state’s population is largely made up of persons over the age of 65 who enjoy Delaware’s perk of affordable living. This is mainly because the estate does not impose sales tax on its residents and has modest income rates. Benefits from social security are exempted from being taxed and taxpayers over the age of 60 can exclude a portion of the investment and pension income from their income taxes. Additionally, homeowners aged 65 and above in Delaware may have eligibility for credit equivalent to property taxes on school, usually up to five hundred dollars.


Since it’s located centrally in the northeastern region, Delaware provides its residents with accessibility to other states. Commuting via driving to Philadelphia takes an hour or less from most cities in Delaware, and just a few hours from Washington D.C, New York, and Baltimore. Delaware also boasts of a 26-mile coastline of the Atlantic ocean as well as the Delaware Bay coastline and inland bay shoreline. Residents in Delaware can buy beach houses in coastal communities which have easy access to beaches and healthcare facilities.

Personal Safety

Delaware’s low crime rate offers surety when it comes to the safety of its residents. Good economical health enables it to be an ideal place to scout for new homes.

Veterans’ Benefits

Various benefits are applied to veteran retirees in Delaware. This includes employment support and state educational benefits. 50% of military retirement payments are also exempted.


There are various sporting and cultural activities for residents in Delaware. This includes historical sites such as New Castle for sporting events and history enthusiasts. There are several house tracks, casinos, and golf courses around Delaware.

Delaware is an ideal location if you are looking to purchase a home for yourself and your family. Its scenic beauty, low taxes, and affordable housing options make it a wonderful place to play, work and live in. There are also lots of activities you can indulge in such as exploring miles of shorelines, cycling, sailing, and hiking. For more information on new homes in Southern Deleware, give us a call today.

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