Why Hiking Trails Are One of The Best Amenities to Have

11 Apr

Why Hiking Trails Are One of The Best Amenities to Have

When people consider housing amenities, their mind usually wanders to swimming pools, fitness centers, and dog parks. While these are still amazing perks to have in a community, people sometimes overlook the advantages of having nature as one of their amenities. Trails are valued by those who live nearby as places to recreate, and are convenient opportunities for physical activity and improving health. Here is why nearby hiking trails are one of the best amenities to look for in your next all-inclusive community.

Enhanced Quality of Life

It is no secret that getting out and hiking has many benefits to both your mental and physical health. Hiking and walking is a great cardio exercise that lowers your risk of heart disease, improves blood pressure, and build strength in your legs. It also has benefits for stress relief, relaxation, and connecting with nature. The recreation, health, transportation, and environmental benefits collectively can contribute to the overall enhanced quality of life in communities.

Great For All Ages

Although hiking is a great workout, it is still simple enough to be enjoyed by people of all ages. Hiking is one of the amenities in a community that is perfect for family time. Hiking is a good way to get children outside and off of technology. It is also beneficial for older people to keep their cardiovascular strength.

Improve Air Quality

Communities that offer hiking trails as one of their amenities are helping to prevent that land from becoming industrialized. By protecting land along rivers and streams, hiking trails prevent soil erosion and filter pollution caused by agricultural and road runoff. Hiking trails preserve the trees from being taken down to create more properties. The trees provide habitat for songbirds and other desirable wildlife and most importantly, provide necessary oxygen.

When you are looking at the amenities of your next home, check to see if there are any types of hiking trails. The benefits of hiking and nature are endless. For more information on our hiking trails at The Vines of Sandhill, contact us today!

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