The Best Benefits of Having a Dog Park in Your Community

Dog parks are a great way to spend time with your canine companion, and they can also be a really fun place for you and other people in the community to spend some time. They have lots of benefits that make them worth considering for any community, from health benefits for humans and dogs to […]

New Custom Home Building Tips

So you’ve spent weeks or even months looking at the real estate market in your area, and you’ve been unable to find the perfect house. At the same time, you’ve probably taken notice of attractive lots which would be perfect for building the ideal home. If you’ve never built a house before, you may be […]

What Housing Amenities Can Boost a Healthy Lifestyle?

The Vines of Sandhill, located near the beach in Milton DE, is designed for families seeking vacation homes or a place to relocate. It offers its residents many special amenities: walking trails, swimming pools, a fitness center, a dog park, winemaking, a lodge, landscaping, and yoga with a meditation garden. They are custom building homes […]

What Are the Benefits of Moving Near Hiking Trails?

Sussex County was rated by the Robert Wood Foundation’s 2018 County Health Ranking as the number one county for health in all of Delaware. This is for a couple of reasons, but most notably, because of its proximity to beautiful parks, trails, and other green spaces. The Benefits of Living Near Hiking Trails and Green […]

Moving? Don’t Forget to Look for Amenities for Your Dog

When your family moves and has a dog, you should look for a community with amenities for your pet. The Vines of Sandhill is a unique community that has a dog park, walking trails, pool, gardens, fitness center, and winemaking. They have parks nearby where you can walk or exercise your dogs. They build custom […]

Building a Home Vs. Buying Existing Property: Why New Construction Wins Out

Whether you’re looking to move house during retirement or you’re among the 42% of vacation home buyers who want access to a property for family retreats, chances are that your choice may come down to new construction or existing builds. Although buying an existing property might seem like the more convenient choice at first, you […]

How Does Yoga Promote Physical and Mental Health?

Yoga, like other exercise practices, can be intimidating to the new practitioner, especially if they have a friend who has been practicing for years. People typically practice yoga for stress relief, increased flexibility, and more. At the Vines of Sandhill, a professional yoga studio and meditation garden are just some of our best amenities. Interested […]

What Kind of Amenities Should I Look for in a Community?

Vacation homes are in higher demand than ever before. Travelers want the freedom to get away with the reassurance that they will safely be able to do so. That is where vacation homes come in. By purchasing a vacation home, travelers enjoy the comforts of home and the peace of mind that comes from knowing […]

Refined Living in Sussex County Delaware Never Looked So Good

Choosing a place to live can be challenging, especially when there are so many variables and amenities to consider. With new construction happening in various areas, it can be hard to know where to look. Sussex County, located in Delaware, might be just the place for you! Keep reading to learn about why refined living […]

What Does It Mean for a Community to Be All-Inclusive?

Home builders have been building all-inclusive communities in the past 20 years – giving both vacationers and retirees a supportive living environment and upgraded quality of life. Today, people like to live near the beach, as it improves their outlook on life and increases the value of their property. Plus, living in an all-inclusive community […]

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