Why You Should Consider a Retirement Community

Once you begin to approach the age of retirement, you may begin thinking about what to do with the rest of your life. After all, the average age of retirement is only 63, so you will have plenty of life left to live. You won’t want to spend the rest of your time here on […]

Find Your Next Vacation Home in Delaware

Most people looking to buy a vacation home want a place where they can relax and have a little fun. Even more want a place near the beach. In fact, 36% of all vacation homes were purchased in a beach area in 2017.   One up and coming area where people are now purchasing vacation […]

Why Moving to a New Community in Delaware May Be the Best Choice for You and Your Family

Choosing a place to live can be a challenge. There are many factors to consider from the availability of amenities, to cost of living. When you consider all the different options available to you in today’s world, it’s quite to easy to become quickly overwhelmed and confused. Though it may be surprising to you, many […]

The Vines of Sandhill Offering Great Living Spaces in Southern Delaware

Are you looking for a new custom home or vacation home that offers all-inclusive living conditions and the best amenities? Hopefully, you answered “yes!” to these questions. So, look no further than The Vines of Sandhill. The Vines of Sandhill, located in Southern Delaware, has redefined living within Sussex County. The Vines offer beautiful homes […]

Spend Some Time in Sussex County

Whether you’re looking to retire in an all-inclusive community or purchase a vacation home, Sussex County in southern Delaware is the place to be. Here’s why.   Delaware has no sales tax, no vehicle taxes, 2.2-6.6% income tax rates, and one of the lowest real estate tax rates in the United States, which makes it […]

Vacation Living: Top 5 Reasons to Vacation on the Beaches in Delaware

Did you know that the Delaware waterways are ranked at number two in the United States for having the best water quality? As a matter of fact, the residents that take advantage of the refined living within Sussex County, Delaware seem to be some of the healthiest in the nation as well. Have you ever […]

Why You Should Move to Southern Delaware

With about 26 miles of Atlantic coastline, who wouldn’t want to build a new custom home in Southern Delaware?! According to, Delaware has only three counties in the entire state giving it a nice familiar hometown feel. Community is a big part of the culture and Delaware home builders strive to encourage togetherness through the […]

Why Buy New Construction Homes?

When you’re looking to move into an all inclusive community, you’re looking for the best of everything, and that includes your home itself. Finding the right home can be a challenge, and one of the questions you’ll have to ask yourself is whether you want to move into an existing home or a new custom […]

Top Community Features to Consider in All-Inclusive Housing

When you’re looking for all inclusive community housing, amenities can make or break your living experience. However, it’s just as important to consider the surrounding community when you make that final decision. After all, Delaware home builders take pride in selecting the best locations for their refined living communities, whether you have a young family […]

What Amenities Are Home Builders Adding To The Best Communities?

It’s no secret that a community is only as good as its best amenities. When you’re looking for an all inclusive community to buy a new custom home in, you want to make sure that the amenities available to you are top-notch. Use this list of amenities that the best home builders are adding to […]

The Vines of Sandhill