What Can You Expect When Living in a Community With an HOA?

Owning a home in an HOA community can be a foreign concept, but now is the time to find out more. Many people have questions when it comes to purchasing a home in an HOA community. According to Investopedia, on average, monthly HOA fees typically range somewhere between $100 and $600. What Are the Benefits […]

5 Reasons to Consider Building a Vacation Home

Having a vacation home has always been a dream for many people. The allure of having a place to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life is appealing to young families and retirees alike. There are many reasons why using local home builders for a vacation home is a great idea. According […]

Why Delaware Is a Top Place to Live

The Vines of Sandhill, located in Milton DE and the surrounding area, provide refined living within Sussex County. The Vines of Sandhill is a community that attracts young people looking for a rental property and those seeking to retire. They build customized homes and communities with many amenities. Parks and Recreation Sussex County Near The […]

Why Do People Want to Get More Involved with Yoga?

The Vines of Sandhill is a community in Milton, Delaware. It is a community with vacation homes for families and homes for those relocating and looking for a permanent, inclusive community. We have many amenities: a pool, walking trail, dog park, fitness center, lodge, and stargazing lounge. For those who practice yoga, the Fitness Center […]

6 of the Best Amenities to Look For in Your New Home

When looking for a new home, many people concentrate on the number of rooms, the location, and the cost. However, looking for a new home should also include other amenities that make life worthwhile and manageable. The following are the best amenities that should be on your home hunting list. 1. Neighborhood Safety and Amenities […]

Why Are So Many People Moving into New Homes in Delaware?

Delaware is often times overlooked for housing development. But it is a good location for anyone looking to make a prolific investment in new homes. Sussex County in Delaware was ranked first in overall health according to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s 2018 County Health Rankings. One of the benefits Delaware boasts of is its […]

5 Things to Consider When Looking at New Homes

Are you looking for a vacation home along the beaches of Delaware for you and your family? Embarking on this search can be an exciting first step towards refined living. However, purchasing a vacation home is a massive investment, meaning you need to research extensively to find the right home that meets your needs. Let’s […]

Why Hiking Trails Are One of The Best Amenities to Have

When people consider housing amenities, their mind usually wanders to swimming pools, fitness centers, and dog parks. While these are still amazing perks to have in a community, people sometimes overlook the advantages of having nature as one of their amenities. Trails are valued by those who live nearby as places to recreate, and are […]

The Best Amenities to Look for at Your Next Inclusive Living Community

Starting the search for a new home means scouring the internet for units that meet all your basic needs. Basics as in a full bathroom, a kitchen setup, and room to sleep in. However, you want to search for more than just bare necessities. You should also consider the fantastic amenities that some living communities […]

3 Home Design Trends You Won’t Want to Miss

Another year is another opportunity to change your space and add elegant amenities. This also gives you a solid reason to go indulge in some design eye candy. To give you a jump start on popular ideas for updated indoor scenery, here are three trends you can introduce to your space and have fun with. […]

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